You can do your own tests to determine when the solstice has, or should, arrive.

It is recommended that you review the information on the menu page Solar Observations/Details before you start on either of these methods.

Further, while you may be able to observe the solstice if you know in advance when it will occur, you are not likely to be able to determine when it should occur until after the fact - and even better, after repeated observations over a period of several years. (The ancients had centuries to average out their tentative results.)

Click on one of the menu items, or sub-items, to find out how.

Note: All of the instructions assume that you are in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are south of the equator, substitute North for South.

Click on either of the following to obtain solar position information in your area:

The National Oceanic And Atmospheric Site Solar Position Calculator.

Solar elevation and azimuth data presented by the US Naval Observatory.